The Moscow City skyscrapers offer magnificent views of the capital. But this does not mean that only residents and tenants of office and retail premises can enjoy Moscow panoramas. In several towers, viewing platforms are open for everyone.

The best sites with beautiful views

Observation decks in Moscow City are located in different towers, and they offer different views of the capital. Tickets are sold either at the box office directly at the entrance, or in the lobby on the ground floor of the skyscraper.

The following sites are available to visitors:

Panorama360 (Federation Tower, 89th floor). The highest observation deck in the Russian Federation and the EU with a panoramic view of the capital.
“#Above only love” (OKO tower, 87th floor). The highest outdoor area in Europe.

"Official Observation Deck" (Empire Tower, 56th floor). There is also a museum "Moscow-City" with a guide.

It is important for visitors to remember a few nuances when planning a visit to the observation decks. Firstly, the opening hours and duration of the session are different for each site. Secondly, ticket prices may vary depending on the day of the week. Finally, some towers have a dress code, face control. Also, children under 7 years of age are not allowed to visit certain sites, even if accompanied by adults. Therefore, the conditions for visiting, the opening hours should be specified in advance - especially if you plan a family vacation with excursions.

Panorama 360

Enjoy views of Moscow from the 89th floor of the Federation Tower. The site is included in the Russian Book of Records: chocolate and ice cream factories on its territory are the highest in the world.


The observation deck is located on the roof of the OKO skyscraper. Its height is 354 meters.